Heart Soup Diet

As a general rule of thumb, heart patients should drop some weight. Lower weight has many benefits, from reducing swelling in veins, improving blood flow, and lowering blood pressure and LDL and bad cholesterol levels. The heart soup diet is a seven day diet plan aimed to help heart patients lose weight before surgery to improve the probability of surgical success as well as the patient’s likelihood of surviving the surgery and having a quick and healthy recovery.

What the Heart Soup Diet Is ?

The exact origins of the heart soup diet are unknown, but the most popular story involves it having originated at the Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital to help heart patients lose weight before undergoing surgery.  The diet is centered around a specially prepared soup that the patient consumes every day for seven days, in addition to a carefully developed schedule of foods.

In addition to the food component, the patient may drink unsweetened juices, tea, coffee, cranberry juice, lots of water, and skim milk.

If you follow the diet’s rules, you should successfully lose between 10-17 pounds by the end of day seven.           


What the Diet Entails
The diet is carefully structured by day as follows:

Day One
Eat the soup in addition to any fruit, with the exception of bananas. Apples and pears are especially good choices, as they are high in fiber and relatively low in sugar.

Day Two
Eat as much soup as you like in addition to as many vegetables as you can consume. Try to avoid corn, peas, and dried beans due to starch and sugar content – gravitate to leafy greens. In addition to the soup and vegetables, eat a baked potato for dinner, but take it easy on the toppings.

Day Three
Eat as much soup along with lots of fruits and vegetables today. Stay away from baked potatoes, however.

Day Four
In addition to the soup, eat at least three bananas over the course of the day, plus as much skim milk as you like. The combination of potassium and calcium will fight the sugar cravings.

Day Five
Eat the soup at least once today – in addition, you can have between 10 and 20 ounces of beef, plus either one can or up to six tomatoes.

Day Six
Eat as much beef and as many vegetables as you like today, plus the soup at least once.

Day Seven
Eat as much soup as you can consume and pair it with brown rice, vegetables, and unsweetened fruit juice.

One key rule of the diet is that you may not consume any alcohol. Additionally, do not eat any fried foods, bread, or carbonated drinks.

The soup recipe itself comes in many variations, but the following is one popular recipe:

§  15-30 oz stewed tomatoes in juices

§  3 large green onions

§  28 oz. beef broth

§  1 package of Lipton soup mix

§  1 bunch celery, chopped

§  28 oz. green beans

§  2 lbs chopped carrots

§  2 green peppers, chopped

Simmer vegetables in water until softened, then add additional ingredients and cook until vegetables are tender.

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